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Membership Application

The PRCP aims to foster greater national development of mental health services, and to support the improvement of education and research in psychiatry through greater professional collaboration in the Asia-Pacific region. PRCP also provides a formal setting for communication among members through the PRCP biennial congress.


Psychiatrists who have successfully completed the board certification processes in their home country and/or membership in their national psychiatric society are eligible to apply to join the PRCP. There is no age limit and applicants from the Pacific Rim including Asia, Americas and Pacific are welcomed to apply.


Members will have free access to the PRCP indexed, peer-reviewed journal, Asia Pacific Psychiatry, the PRCP newsletter, plus relevant PRCP training and research activities.


Membership categories, while recognizing all levels of experience of applicants, are aligned with their standing in their home country/psychiatric society and track record of significant accomplishments. The three membership categories include:


  • Member:  This category is proposed for junior psychiatrists who have completed prescribed training in their home countries and preferably have become a member of their national society.

  • Fellow:  This category is proposed for early and mid-career psychiatrists who are at least five years past the completion of the board certification in their home country, and who have been working as a qualified psychiatrist for at least five years. 

  • Distinguished Fellow:  This category is proposed for those who presently qualify for the status of Fellow in the PRCP and include primarily senior psychiatrists in their home country/psychiatric society, with a strong track record of accomplishments.


To apply to join the PRCP, please download this application form and follow the instructions within.

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